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Nous is the world's first investmentmarketplace, built on web3.

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A web3 marketplace for investment.

We're changing the way people invest. Access your investments at anytime, anywhere and invest directly in projects that appeal to you.

Digital investment contracts replace traditional agreements, pioneering a new use case for NFTs.

Bonds, funds, ventures.

Diversify across a curated selection of high-quality investment opportunities.


Earn interest from a range of yield generators.

Nous Bond


Earn up to 23% APY on a fixed yield investment designed to provide liquidity for Nous to grow into the world's biggest investment marketplace.


Invest in managed funds and strategies.

Nous A1


Our debut fund product - Nous A1 - lets you access arbitrage trading with ease. A backtested strategy leveraging price dislocation across major exchanges provides solid consistent returns, with very low risk.


Discover early-stage startups and web3 projects.

Batch 001


Batch 001 will bring a curated collection of high-quality projects closer to angel investors and crowdfunders. The Batch001 line-up will be announced in October 2022.

Invest with Nous.

Browse opportunities, create your investment and invest from as little as $100.

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Loved by investors, worldwide.

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    • I am tired of seeing the rich get richer by keeping the small investors out of the game, with high minimum investment barriers. This is a rare opportunity to work with a company at the very beginning.

      Private Investor
    • The team and the concept really sold me on NOUS. I think our community would be extremely anxious to be a part of this project and learn more about this innovative project!

      Private Investor
      El Taco Finance
    • I believe in the project and the founders.

      Eric Frost
      Partner, Demos VC
    • I had multiple conversations with the team and believe that NOUS has a great future. Our team is delighted to join

      Hybrid Finance
    • I participated in a Nous AMA and believe in the model and market place you are building.

      Private Investor
    • Ability to be part of DeFi but with the professional structure of an institution. Opens up the ability to allow more experienced and sophisticated people manage my crypto.

      Private Investor

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Always dreamed of running your own fund? Well now you can.

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  • Raise capital for your trading strategies
  • Start your own VC fund
  • Expand your fund`s investor base
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Raise capital with a bespoke bond offering that fits your business.

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  • Connect your DeFi project with investors
  • Unlock retail liquidity
  • Raise capital sustainably
  • Complete onboarding support
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Raise the funding you need to bring your idea to life.

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  • Fund your new idea
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  • Reward your community
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Our power is in our people.

A team of young entrepreneurs and industry experts collaborating on the world's first decentralised marketplace for investment opportunities.